Paul Bertholy created his system of allowing an adult or child to build or refine a swing throughout the 1940s and1950s through a series of drills to train the body. The Method was complete by the mid 1960s. It has been featured in Golf World, Golf Magazine and Golf Lessons among other periodicals from the early 1960s through 1998, the year in which he died. Paul was years ahead of his time. He was considered a radical and eccentric and ridiculed by many that could not comprehend his method. Today drills are mainstream for learning or rebuilding golf swings. He said many times he would not be fully appreciated until after his death. He was right again.


What is the Bertholy Method?

The golfer first learns the parts of the swing before learning to use them with motion. The Method utilizes five programs, training the body the correct golf swing kinesthetically.
Bertholy’s Method trains the body in the same fashion in which a healthy child is genetically programmed to learn how to walk. Positions always precede motion.


If this sounds familiar remember Paul was teaching this way in the mid 1960s. Golf Magazine ran a two part series in 1975 to introduce its readers to the Bertholy method. In the August issue, John Ross, then editor-in-chief had this to say about Paul’s system:  Every now and then we are a

Doug Ferreri, 1982, demonstrating Lead and Lag, 18 months after starting with Paul’s Method

ble to corral one theory or method that meets with overwhelming acceptance form our golfers. Such was Paul Bertholy’s great series, Let the Body Memorize the Swing published earlier this year in the February and March issues. We have been pleasantly inundated with a stream of mail from grateful golfers telling us about their success with the Bertholy system. Some indicated it has opened up a whole new approach to the game for them. Others even telephoned to express their thanks. Golfers are like that.

The Conference Board Magazine, in May 1979, rated Paul’s method as the most complete program in building a golf swing in its evaluation of the then available golf schools.

Does the program work? You be the judge.

One of Paul’s many students started the Method as a 10 handicap, 53 year old golfer. Since reaching the age of 66 to his present age of 77(2002) he has shot his age or better 131 times. He has been featured in Senior Golfer. At the age of 70, he was ranked the number 8 player out of the top 100 at his home course in Virginia. His handicap at the time? How about 1! This is just one of the success stories of people using Paul’s system that is contained in Golf Swing Construction 101: The Bertholy Method Revisited.


Paul Bertholy, 1981, The key to super stardom. Centripetal positioning, containment, and the inhibitor of the harmful hit impulse, right hand cast, right arm thrust, right shoulder roll.