What the Pros are saying


The following are from the forewords of Golf Swing Construction 101

"I am impressed greatly that Paul Bertholy could construct his system before the availability of the high speed video we now have, and that his method has clearly stood the test of time." Martin Hall

"He is most deserving of making the Teaching Hall of Fame." Bob Toski

"An unforgettable personality who influenced many teachers in the game of golf." Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA

Some things Paul Bertholy had to say

There is no such thing as a bad golf shot--- unless it has adverse mental effect on the ensuing shots.

Although the powerful smooth swing is complex, it can be learned by the adult.

When missing a shot never Scold yourself, but Punish yourself with a conditioning program pertinent to the correction of the fault.

Poor ineffective swings can be erased. It can be done but only the tenacious will succeed. Anywhere from 1000 to 10000 precise repetitions are needed.

Strive for perfection, but never expect it!